Clay Brick Products:

Pacific Clay, Robinson, Simons, Glen Gary, Boral, Endicott, Summit, Glading McBean

Manufactured Stone:

Hand & Power Tools:

Real Used Brick, Clay Flues, Fire Brick, Mexican Saltillo Brick, Fire Clay, Thin Brick Veneer, Brick Pavers, Bullnose Bricks

El Dorado Stone, Cultured Stone, Coronado Stone, Arto Brick, Boulder Creek

Tile Products:

River Rock, Ledgestone, Cliffstone, Pavers, Wall Cap, Window Surrounds, Hearth

Travertine, Limestone, Marble, Granite, Slate, Stone, Mexican Saltillo Tile, Concrete Tile, Porcelain, Pool Tile, Arto Brick

Stains and Sealers:

Versaille Pattern, Tumbled, Chiseled Edge, Pillow Edge, Slabs, Mosaics, Chair Rails & Trim, Pebble Mesh, Glass Tile Hardi Backer, Cement Board, Cement Board Screws, Citrus Cleaner

GST International Sealers, BP Pro Sealer, ProGuard, Rafco Acid Stain, Concrete Solutions, TechniSoil

Penetrating Sealer, Wet Look Laquer, Satin Seal, Impregnator Pro, Bullet Proof, Anti Slip Additive, D.G. Stabilizer Glass Products:

Pittsburg Corning Glass Block, Glass Tile, C-Cure Glass Block Mortar, Glass Pebble Mesh

BBQ & Fireplace:

Twin Eagles, Delta Heat

Form Dampers, Fire Brick, Polyethelyne Gas Pipe, Concrete & Clay Flues, Fire Brick, HPC Gas Products Pre-Built Fireplaces, Pre-Built Fire Pits, Fire Rings, Gas Pipe and Fittings, Fire Resistant Mortars, Fire Clay

Skill, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, Stabila, Marshall Town, Simpson Anchor Systems, Chapin, Kraft

Generators, Demo Hammers, Rotary Hammer Drills, Chipping Hammers, Power Drills, Skill Saws, Reciprocating Saws, Cordless Tools, Concrete Power Trowels, Laser Levels, Hamers, Brick Trowels, Concrete Finishing, Levels, Stone Chisels

Mixers, Compactors & Gas Equipment:

Toro Construction Equipment, Canoga Mixers, Western Mixers, MK Gas Block Saws, Dewalt Generators

Tile & Block Saws:

Concrete Mixers, Mortar Mixers, Silo Mixers, Vibratory Plates, Stompers, Concrete Vibrators, Power Trowels. Block Saws

MK, Pearl, Dewalt, Target, Felker, Wet Polishers, Floor Grinders, Floor Polishers

Fasteners: Diamond Blades 4” - 22”, Diamond Router Bits, Diamond Core Bits, Diamond Resin Polishing Pads 4”, 5”, 7”

Tapcon, Wedge Anchors, Simpson Epoxy Systems, Red Head, Ramset, Drywall Screws, Gun Staples, Gun Nails

Duplex, Sinkers, Drywall Screws, Backer Board Screws, EG Roofing, Furring Nails, Senco, Paslode & Bostich Lath Gun Staples, Ramset Shots and Pins

Drywall, Gypsum Plaster & Insulation Products:
Drywall, Button Board, Drywall Corner Bead, Furring Channel, Hamiltons Drywall Mud, Insulation, Tyvek, Protection Board, Purlite, Imperial Plaster, Diamond Wall Plaster, Plaster Weld, Metal & Plastic Lath

Concrete Forming & Finishing Products:

Top Cast, Eurotard, Pacific Concrete Formliners

Flex and Rigid Form Liners, Wire Kits, Form Oil, Anti Hydro, Water Reducing Agents, Deck O Foam, Deck O Seal, Zip Strip

Deck O Joint, Expansion Joint, Wood & Steel Stakes, Screed Hooks, Plastic & Redwood Bender Board Swimming Pool Equipment:

Let us quote out your next Swimming Pool Equipment Order - Jandy, Pentair, Salt Systems, #6 & #8 Wire

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Supply LIne Building Materials

Products & Complete Line Card

Concrete Block:

Angelus Block, Orco Block, Quikrete

Precision Block, Slump Block, Split Face Block, Concrete Drain Boxes, Concrete Car Stops, Stepping Stones, Dobies, Radius Block, Motarless Block

Filter Fabric, Mira Drain, Mira Clay, Geo Grid, Drain Sock, Mastic, Primer, Jute Mesh, Sand Bags, Straw Waddles, Silt Fence Filled Sand Bags, Empty Sand Bags

Waterproofing & Drainage:
Xypex, Thoroseal, Rapid Crete Waterproofing, WaterPlug, Deck O Seal, NDS, Pour A Drain, Pour A Lid, Henry Coatings, SDR 35 Pipe 3”-8”, Schedule 40 Pipe 1/2”-4”, Sloping Drains, Grates & Basins, Channel Drain, Pool Overflows, Anti Hydro

Concrete Retaining Walls:

Keystone & Country Manor, Soil Retentions Verdura, Orco Allen Block & Europa, Quikrete Mesa & Adobe Wall, Belgard

Garden Wall, Legacy Wall, Country Manor, Verdura, Celtik Wall, Anchor Wall, Geo Grid

Concrete Interlocking Pavers:

Angelus, Ackerstone, Belgard, Olsen Pavingstones, Orco Pavers

Antique Cobble, Country Cobble, Castle Cobble, Kingdom Cobble, Symetry, Bergerac, Holland Stone, Apian Stone Concrete & Plastic Turf Block, Driveable Grass, Polymer Modified Joint Sand, Paver Edge, Arbel Stone, Lafitt, Old World

Natural Stone:
Arizona Flagstone, Idaho Quartzite, River Rock, Montana Slate, Pennsylvania Blue Stone, Slate Stacked Stone, Amberwood, Cameron, Utah Sunrize, Columbian Gold, Three Rivers, Bouquet Canyon, Sydney Peak, Petrified Sea, Boulders, Bulk Rock, Oklahoma Flagstone, Mexican Beach Pebbles, East West Stone Panels, Saw Cut Natural Veneer Stone

Bulk Materials:
Washed Plaster Sand, Sand/Gravel Mix, Pea Gravel, 3/4 Rock, Decomposed Granite, Class II Road Base, Top Soil, Fill Sand

Reinforcing Steel:
Rebar #3 (3/8), #4 (1/2), #5 (5/8), #6 (3/4), #7 (7/8), #8 (1in), Grade 40 & Grade 60, Tie Wire & Loop Ties, Dobies Fabrication & Assembly Available: Stirups, Ties, Hairpins, Circles, Coils
Welded Wire Mesh 6” x 6” #10ga & 6” x 6” #6ga, in Sheets and Rolls

Bagged Products:
Colton Cement, Riverside Cement, Concrete Mix, Spec Mix, Orco Mortar Mix, C-Cure Thinset, Imperial Plaster,
Diamond Wall Plaster, Silica Sand, Interlocking Paver Sand, Mexican Beach Pebbles, Decorative Rock, Washed Sand, Fire Clay, Type S Lime, Peralite, Pozilite, Pool Sand, White Cement, Block Cement, Type III Hi Early Cement, Super Krete Overlay

Lath, Plaster & Stucco Products:
Omega Stucco, Expo Stucco, Metal Lath, High Rib, Cem Mesh, Galvinized Reveal & Vent, Copper Weep & Milcor
Aluminum Reveal & Vent, Plastic Weep & Trims, XJ-15 Control Joint, #40 Expansion Joint, Pozilite, Plaster Weld, Stainless Steel In-House Stucco Color Lab

Foam & Coated Foam Shapes:
Custom Cut Foam and Foam Coating Materials, Adhesive Mesh Tape, Foam Pop Outs, Faux Wood Beams, Foam Columns

Irrigation, Sprinkler & Drainage:
SDR 35 Pipe 3”-8”, Schedule 40 Pipe 1/2”-4”, Sloping Drains, Grates & Basins, Channel Drain, Pool Overflows
NDS Drainage Products, Pour A Drain, Pour A Lid, HIT Sprinklers & Pop Ups, HIT Timers and Valves, Deck O Drain

Artificial Grass & Putting Greens:
Artificial Turf, Super Fill, Silica Sand, Putting Green Cups and Flags, Seam Tape, Nails and Staples, Decomposed Granite

Fountains & Pond Products:
Little Giant Water Pumps & Filters, Pond Liners, Xypex, Thoroseal, Rapid Crete Waterproofing

32821 Calle Perfecto, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 - (949) 443-4404 Phone - (949) 443-4406 Fax Monday thru Friday 6am - 5pm, and Saturday 6:30am - 2pm